Vegan Cake

Additional decorations such as chocolates or drip seen on images are not included in the design. Select those additions separately in the toppings section

Select generic or custom topper (Optional)

(Only applicable if custom topper option is selected above)


Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that each cake is handcrafted individually by a professional baker so there may be subtle differences in design and flowers (due to seasonal changes)



We have selected our most popular sizes suitable for many celebrations. Please pick your preferred size


  1. Small – 6 inch (12-15 dessert servings) – $155.00
  2. Medium – 7 inch (20 coffee servings) – $190.00
  3. Large – 8 inch (25-30 coffee servings) – $220.00



Our choices comes as a light and fluffy sponge and mud cakes and we have selected the top picks for you. Please choose your favourite cake flavour


  1. Vanilla sponge
  2. Lemon and poppyseed sponge
  3. Chocolate sponge
  4. Cookies & Cream sponge
  5. Matcha sponge
  6. Red velvet sponge


Let’s dress your cake now! Pick your favourite look for the cake. Please note that the extra decorations such as chocolates/drip shown on the images are not included. Select the toppings and decorations you like using the toppings sections.


  1. Semi naked – white
  2. Full coat white with gold leaf
  3. Vintage stencil
  4. Rainbow
  5. Watercolour canvas – pink shades
  6. Watercolour canvas – pink and purple
  7. Watercolour canvas – Blue shades
  8. Buttercream flowers



Let’s add some accessories to your cake!


  1. Fresh floral decoration 1 ($20.00)
  2. Fresh floral decoration 2 ($20.00)
  3. Fresh floral decoration 3 ($20.00)
  4. Meringue Kisses ($5.00)


CAKE TOPPERS: ($20.00)

Add a topper to highlight the special milestone you are celebrating. All the toppers are acrylic gold.


  1. “Happy Birthday”
  2. “21”
  3. “18”
  4. “16”
  5. “1”
  6. “30”
  7. “50”
  8. “60”
  9. “Happy Anniversary”
  10. “love”



Special note “write a message on the cake box”


Disclaimer: May contain traces of nuts.

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