My baking journey began in 2009 in a high school food technology class. To my surprise I quickly realised that I loved being in the kitchen baking delicious treats and I seemed to be quite good at it! I had found a new hobby; baking.

In 2010 I suffered a serious injury while playing professional badminton. Suddenly I was an athlete who couldn’t train and a competitor who could not compete. During this difficult time, I turned to baking. What had once been a hobby was now helping me to heal and the thought crossed my mind, “can my hobby become my career?”.  All I knew was, I had to try.

As a perfectionist and a competitive perfectionist at that, I started to bake for hours on end, not stopping until I had mastered a recipe. My passion for baking grew deeper as I began to realise that what made me happy also made those around me happy. My friends and family were eating a lot of cakes while I refined my baking techniques.

With the encouragement of my brother, Sawan, I started an Instagram account #ruwiscakes, to showcase my creations. Eventually people started to take notice and customers began to call. Sawan is now my business partner and together we have started a business which offers custom cake designs unique to each and every customer.

As I take great delight in delivering exactly what my customers want on their special day, I use this as a force to continuously drive me to innovate the experience of ordering a custom cake. We want to make your special day even more memorable by customising the cake exactly to your needs that will be both beautiful and tasty 🙂