COVID-19 Update:

This is a tough time for everyone but that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating special occasions with our family and doing our best to spend quality days.

So, our goal is to make our services easier and more convenient for you! In order to ensure that our customers have the most comfort and convenience when ordering our cakes.

Please read on to see what we have implemented to keep us and our customers safe during this crazy time. 

Stay safe! 🙂

Handling of products

Our cakes are baked, decorated and packaged with utmost care to ensure that we stick to high safety standards.

STEP 1: Baking process

Cakes are only baked any time from of 1-2 days prior to delivery and our process is a made to order model as we believe in providing the freshest products to our customers. The equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly to ensure a clean and safe environment for production. 

STEP 2: Decorating process

We decorate our cakes as soon as they are chilled after the baking process to ensure that the cake is able to be refrigerated until the packaging process occurs.

STEP 3: Packaging process

We are putting extra effort into making sure our packaging is at the highest quality in both the looks and safety. Each cake is packaged carefully in a box and made sure not to be opened until delivered to the customer.


With current restrictions being put in place, we are doing our best to ensure that we can provide our services with convenience and safe accessibility. This is why we have implemented contactless delivery to help you feel safer during this period.

Delivery hours:

        – 10am – 4pm

Delivery days:

        – Tuesday – Sunday

We will send text messages on the day of the delivery to confirm an accurate delivery time for you. If you require a more specific delivery time, please add that into the note section on all online orders or inform us through a message.


Anyone wishing to pick-up the cake order, we have closed pick-up temporarily to ensure the safety of everyone.

Please use the delivery option to have the cake delivered to your doorstep. We have trained and implemented contact-less delivery with our delivery team given the current circumstances. 

The delivery cost will be calculated during checkout once you have entered your delivery address.


New product offering.

We have created a wide range of cake designs that can be purchased on our website with only 3 clicks.


We have a wide range of designs from modern to classic styles that caters to different ages and occasions so that you can get exactly what you’re looking for with a click of a button.

Dietary requirements:

We have put in extra care to ensure that our products are available for different dietary requirements

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A Perfectly Packaged Gift:

Make the cake your gift! Whether you purchase your own cake or buy it for a loved one, we are bringing a new meaning into gifting cakes.

Our extra attention to detail in packaging is all about putting a smile on that special someone’s’ face as they receive our beautifully cakes.