Love Poem (Sugar Free)


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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that each cake is handcrafted individually by a professional baker so there may be subtle differences in design and flowers (due to seasonal changes)


The mix of red and pink shades along with complimentary shades of roses gives the feeling of youth and love. This charming design is perfect for any celebration because just like the colour pink, celebrations are a way of showing love for oneself and of others. Beautiful touches of gold leaf gives an extra flare to this gorgeous design.

Special note:

  • If you require a custom topper we require 1 week notice. Generic toppers listed above do not require a waiting time and can be ordered straight away with the cake.
  • May contain traces of nuts.
  • Delivery or pick up available
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5 inch (7 dessert servings), 6 inch (12 dessert servings), 7 inch (20 dessert servings)

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