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This design stays true to current custom cake trend of tall single layered cakes. So, this gorgeous tall cake is made with 4 layers and it is frosted with smooth buttercream. We have created rough edges on top and painted with edible rose gold to highlight those edges because it adds an artistic vibe to the overall look. Rose gold paint splashes and the gorgeous pink florals compliment each other beautifully. Both macarons and meringue kisses add the final touch.


Special note:

  • If you require a custom topper we require 1 week notice. Generic toppers listed above do not require a waiting time and can be ordered straight away with the cake.
  • May contain traces of nuts. Please request for dietary requirements options on our specified pages for GF, Sugar free or Vegan.
  • Delivery or pick up available
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5 inch (5 dessert servings), 6 inch (10 dessert servings

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